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Megaman X for iPhone – A Letdown from the Classic Game?

Capcom introduced an iPhone port of the 1993 game Megaman X, but are receiving a very negative reception to this re-release. Megaman X is considered a classic in the gaming world, and still holds a place as one of the best action games in many console gamers’ hearts. However, the latest Megaman X for iPhone feels like a bad, lazy and problematic counterpart to the actual game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Firstly, Megaman X for iPhone has an incredible frame-rate. Why incredible? It is incredibly SLOW, which is surprising since Megaman X was a 10-bit game and the iPhone is capable of beautiful 3-D graphics. The entire game feels like a major bumpy ride as you will get sudden jerks and pauses very occasionally. It almost feel like Capcom did not bother resolve underlying issues with this iPhone port, and simply released a game that was simply not ready nor playable.

Next, Capcom further angered Megaman X’s fans by changing an essential element of the game. Previously, main protagonist, X, will gain new upgrades and special attacks after completing levels. The idea is that X would inherit the technology/skill of the robotic boss he defeats. However, in lieu of the trend of in-app puchases, Capcom conveniently made weapon upgrades as in app purchases. Instead of playing the game to unlock these upgrades, users would have to pay additional money on top of $4.99, the cost of the app itself.

The game has been redesigned with sprites that look modern and to support the iPhone’s retina display, but enemy sprites now look comical instead of nasty in its original pixelated form. Controls on the other hand, worked fine in Megaman X for iPhone.

For die-hard fans, Megaman X on iPhone might even come across as insulting. Nonetheless, this is one game that you should not be recommending to your friends.

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