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Ultimate Minecraft Guide – What is The Best Free version of Minecraft? Is Minecraft Free?

Mojang has taken over the world with its breakthrough game, Minecraft. Before getting on to our Ultimate Minecraft Guide, check out the latest Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite which is completely Free for the iPad and iPhone. Is Minecraft Free? See it HERE!


Minecraft Free for iPad and iPhone!



Minecraft looked like a game built on the worst ideas and concepts in a modern game – long hours of grinding/mining, terrible graphics and basic controls and much more. Prior to its release, gamers speculated that it would become unpopular and end up a free to play game.

Instead, Minecraft rose up on the opposite end of the spectrum , as a game that is addictive, delightfully open ended, with great pixel art and allows for complete control. Users feel free, in control and creative. In fact, Minecraft turned out to be one of the best games created in this modern era.

To date, a whooping 10 million copies of the game has been sold. You surely must have heard about the game, but there could be reasons why you do not intend to purchase Minecraft. For some users, they are wondering “Is Minecraft free?” or “Is there a free version of Minecraft?”. While for others, it it was more because they did not get to try it out for themselves, and see Minecraft as a superficial, unworthy game. For both groups of people, picking up a free version of Minecraft would probably be a good idea. You can try out the free version of Minecraft as featured above, or check out our Ultimate Minecraft Guide for alternatives! 

Ultimate Minecraft Guide


Is Minecraft free? Yes! There are both paid and free versions of Minecraft that we will be covering below.


Minecraft Web Demo – FREE!


Play the free demo here at the developer, Mojang’s website

However you are required to create an account with to be able to play the official Minecraft Demo which is free.


Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS – $6.99


This might not be free (and in fact very pricey) but it is a good substitute for the full featured Minecraft for PC or Mac.  However there are some features that are not included on Minecraft Pocket Edition –

1. 18 types of boxes instead of the 36 in the PC edition.

2. Levels created in the PC version cannot be copied to the mobile version

3. game sessions cannot be saved

4. Less villains.


Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite for iOS – FREE!


This is the free version of the mobile edition of Minecraft, as featured at the top of the post.

The Free version of the Pocket Edition has more limitations –

1. The world is not saved between sessions

2. Multiplayer worlds can not be copied to your phone

3. Only 18 of the 36 different blocks are available

However, the game is still as addictive and fun as ever!


Minecraft PC – $26.95


This is the full version of Minecraft for PC. It is currently the most popular version of Minecraft.


Minecraft Mac – $26.95


This is the full version of Minecraft for Mac and Linux


Minecraft – Pocket Edition Lite (the free version featured above)  is receiving a lot of positive remarks from its users, and it is inching a lot closer to the PC edition of Minecraft as the developer continue to work on the mobile version of the game. However, with the absence of a ‘save’ button, most players now are sticking to the PC edition of Minecraft. Since it is free, why not you download it and tell us what you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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