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Looking for myVEGAS App for iPhone or Android?

After picking the number of paylines, I eagerly hit the PLAY button, and watched the reels spin. Not quite the real thing though; I didn’t get the chance to slide my bill through the slot, nor will there be any bar-coded prize ticket for me to collect when I cash out.. But the myVEGAS Slots game is a pretty darn good game, good enough for 500,000 users to play actively! If you are a myVegas Slots player, you must love the game as much as I do. But some of us might wonder, can I get myVEGAS Slots on my iPad? I have read that there are browsers such as the Photon Flash Browser that is able to run myVegas on mobile devices, but where exactly can I download the myVEGAS App for iPhone or Android?

Before we get to that, I must say that myVEGAS is not a real gambling tool! It certainly did not make me any richer, because it can’t! (due to legal issues) However, it had turned my time playing slots into real rewards and freebies that I can redeem at a number of resorts on the Las Vegas Strip! The rewards from playing myVEGAS are the Real Deal! As a matter of fact, the myVEGAS Slots game has partnerships with various resorts for players to win Free Nights Stay, Cirque du Soleil tickets, dining vouchers and even buffet passes!

After some investigation and much disappointment, I realized that there isn’t a myVEGAS App made for iPhone or Android devices. This is very strange for such a popular game – players must be dying to play myVEGAS Slots on the go. I guess myVEGAS players will have to stick with the Photon Flash Browser for that.

What I did find however, is VIVA myVEGAS, a different game app that was created by the developers of myVEGAS. The game does not feature slots, but features a different game altogether, designed for use in Las Vegas only! If you are in Las Vegas for a vacation, hurry download the app! Then, be on the look out for VIVA myVEGAS QR Codes, and if you spot one, you can scan them to launch a prize wheel! You can turn the wheel slowly to see what prizes are available, and quickly flick across the screen to turn it to play the game. The prize you win depends on the spot that you land on! You can redeem the prize immediately or keep it inside of the app for future redemption.

Unfortunately, the game is designed to be used only if you are physically in Las Vegas. For the rest of us and other myVEGAS players all around the world, we just have to keep playing, and hopefully win enough prizes to start planning for that big Las Vegas holiday! ;)




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