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Naught – iOS game review

Stuck in a deep underground world, you guide a cat-like creature by rotating your device to change the orientation of the environment which subsequently alters the direction of, gravity. Instead of having direct control, you make the strange cat fall around in different directions get through the mysterious tunnels. While the experience seem innovative how does Naught fair as an iOS platformer?

The game employ’s the use of the iPhone/iPad’s built in gyroscope in its gameplay. Your goal is rotate, turn, and tilt your device to get to the portal at end of the stage while riding on platforms and avoiding spikes. Tilting at a small angle will help the character to walk gently in that direction, while tilting at a greater angle could cause him to slide and fall off the ground to a freefall down the tunnels. While the main draw of the game is in its control system, it has a slightly high learning curve, and brings about a certain level of difficulty which makes the game challenging.

Along the way, there are seeds to be collected, and 3 crystals per stage to be found. These seeds, scattered across the stage, play an important role in progressing on the game; there are doors that have to be unlocked with a number of seeds. The 3 crystals on the other hand,  unlocks a time trial mode for that particular level if found.

dark, immersive.. but unappealing?


The art direction is dark and immersive, and the control system is interesting.  However is Naught fun and engaging? I am afraid not so.  

The game’s black and white art style that might seem appealing at the beginning, but as the game wears on, you notice that everything is still in black and white, and this makes you feel dull and boring. The iPhone version of Naught looks fairly alright, but Naught on the iPad makes you feel somewhat soulless. In addition, the representation does not match up many modern iOS games, and looks like a outdated 1990’s Flash game at times. 

what is possible?

The controls although fresh, is quite unresponsive at times. The character will get caught or move slowly when you are trying to move him out of a tight spot. The option to use buttons or swipe to rotate the world(instead of using the gryoscope and rotating the device), makes the world spin around and can get dizzy which makes you want to put the game down after a while.

The game is also short and easy to complete, and lacks any storyline to back. The idea of collecting the hidden crystals is a very weak one, and we still have no clue who the cat is nor why he is in this black and white world.

But it could just be me. Looking at the innovativeness of the of the game, there could be many gamers with the patience to see the game though till it end to unlock all 15 stages. 


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