Navigating Las Vegas Strip – Hotels, Casinos and Attractions

Navigating Las Vegas Strip – Hotels, Casinos and Attractions

The last time I went to Las Vegas was a decade ago and looking at attractions now the main places, hotels and casinos along the strip has not changed since. In my last visit, I stayed in Circus Circus, located near the end of the Strip, making it one of the most economical options. Most of the hotels along the strip encompass at least a casino and the casino in Circus Circus had dirt cheap hot dogs next to the slot machines that were great for on-the-go. The next visit I might choose to stay in Caesars Palace simply because the hotel looks incredibly amazing! Caesars has six towers: Augustus, Centurion (now Nobu), Roman, Palace, Octavius, and Forum, each of them matching the theme that it is named in. Bellagio is another hotel that takes your breath away with its fountains that draw a crowd when it lights up the strip in the night.

After having found the right place to stay, you’d want to find activities to fill your day. Of course in Las Vegas, you would definitely visit casinos (even if you didn’t want to you will be passing by them) and have a go at some of the games. Slot machines, blackjack tables and roulette spins are all present in Las Vegas and you would surely find the game that suits your taste. After you’ve won enough (or lost enough), take some time to appreciate the myriad of shows that Las Vegas offers. There are a range of shows such as popular in-house Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas and there are also schedules to check out the timings of the various shows available. Many shows require advanced bookings so make sure you’ve got your tickets.

As you come to the end of your getaway to Las Vegas, you can bring a piece of that memory home. On top of memorabilia and souvenirs, continue reliving the casino experience with your tablet or smartphone with the use of technology. World Casino offers slot games experiences of Las Vegas casinos alongside those of Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and Macau as well as those of tropical getaways and fairytale themes.

Enjoy your trip!

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