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Never Miss A Happy Hour! Best bars in NYC, Chicago, Applebees!

Need a drink? Happy Hour Finder is here to help! Never miss another happy hour whether you are in NYC, Chicago, or at the nearby Applebees. This app will show you the best happy hour venues near you!

Featured by both MSN and Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Happy Hour is your best bet to looking for drinks at promotional prices you can’t say no to.  The App is app is very easy to use and understand. The first thing you will notice is you can choose the day of the week that you want. Thinking of heading out to somewhere on Friday with a couple of guys? Pick ‘Friday’ to see all the businesses that are having happy hours around you.

There are 2 tabs with 2 different ways to view the different venues for happy hours. The “list” view lists (duh) restaurants/bars/pubs in order of distance from your current location. The map view however, gets pretty crazy when you click on it. In my case, I had a screen full of cups of beer that I could not even see the map underneath it. That goes to show two things – 1. I have many options to choose from in my area, 2. the image used for the beer cup is a little too large!

aghhhh my eyes!!

The tab with the Arrow icon lets you choose from either your current location or a specific location, which is handy if you are visiting a new place and you need a beer. Found a place that you like? Its integration with Yelp lets you read reviews (to avoid unknowingly walking into a sleezy bar). If you do a careful search, you might even find a bar that has tied up with the app developers to feature exclusive promotions for the day.

Never have to see crappy results! Users can report if a certain listing is outdated to help others sift it out. You can even add businesses to your favorites list to be able to look up your usual hangouts.

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