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Pangolin Review – Walkthrough Cheats Available!

Bounce around  on trampolines to reach your end target with us in this Pangolin review!

Pangolin is the latest arcade puzzle game for iOS by developers FeedTank LLC. Join the scaly pangolin in a land above the clouds as he bounces on trampolines to reach his target at the end of each level in our Pangolin review!

This physics-based game has quite an innovative control system. Instead of controlling the pangolin, you tap on two points of the screen to create a trampoline for the pangolin to bounce on. As you tap two points that are further apart, it creates a bigger trampoline which subsequently bounces the pangolin over a longer distance. The game plays a little like golf, where you try to bounce the pangolin to the end point in the least number of “shots”.

It is not simple, however. You are only given a limited number of “shots” per level, there are coins and gems to be collected in every level. If you fail to get to the “exit” in the given number of shots, you can either restart the level or buy more “shots” as an in-app purchase. Progressing through the stages, you will encounter more “props” in each level – boosters, bumpers, teleporters and even spikes that you have to avoid.

The artwork of the game is unique, with a watercolor painting esque look to it. The music, with its flutes and gongs gives the game a lighthearted yet upbeat feel. Developers FeedTank are also in the midst of adding new levels and themes, including one with sprawling skyscrapers.

In all, Pangolin is a good way to curl up at up home (pun intended)  and bounce the little pangolin off to his checkpoints.

APPSVERSE SCORE 4 /5 ( excellent)

Check out our exclusive Pangolin walkthrough here!

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