Improving performance on Photon

How to improve performance on Photon?

Step 1. Try to use a faster connection such as a Wifi connection instead of 3G. If you are using this in a public network such as in a university or hospital, you might experience slowness due to Firewalls in the network.

Step 2. Next, if you are making use of a slower connection, you should also set the bandwidth lower so that you will have a faster experience. If you have a fast connection, set the bandwidth to the highest. Press Gear Icon -> Bandwidth and set it to a lower number (1 – lowest , 6 – highest ).

Step 3. Please set the mode to match the nature of the content you are viewing. If you are trying to watch a video, choose the “Video” mode. (Gear Icon -> Mode -> Video). This setting is optimized for video watching. For games, choose the “Game” mode. For regular browsing, “Web” should work well for you. However, your experience is still dependent on the connection you are having.

Step 4. Finally, if you are confident that these steps don’t help, then go to Gear Icon (Settings) — Port –> try port 3 and 4.

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