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Splice your way to Utopia! Chillingo’s latest city building simulator welcomes you to be the creator of a land of pixels and clones in Pixel People iOS!


The first thing you would notice is Pixel People’s representation. It employs its own style of pixel art that is nowhere blocky nor bad looking, but rather colourful, modern and sharp.

a tiny but growing town


The idea of the game is to ‘splice’, ‘build’ , and ‘expand’ your city. To begin, you first welcome new clones to your city at the arrival center, and splice genes to mix skills and professions together to discover new jobs for the clones. As the number of clones grow, you will be required to build places for them to work and live in, and also expand your land when you run out of space space. With more space, you again introduce new clones, splice and house them until you run out of space, get more space, and the whole cycle begins again.



The splicing of genes from two different professions is like a mix-and-match system. For example, mixing a Detective with a Writer will yield a Reporter, while mixing an Assistant and a Sheriff will result in a Deputy. The combinations that the developers have come up with are clever and realistic. And often the names and description of the clones can be funny too.

i shot the sheriff…

Like other city building simulators like the Sims, Pixel People does not have an end goal in terms of how your city should look like, but there are many things to do along the way to building your thriving pixel metropolis. The buildings you build will generate money, and while the more people there are in a building, the more money it generates. Clones in the same house can also fall in love, and create hearts that you can collect to reveal a surprise. There are 64 collectible animals in total.

surprise discovered!

Pixel people is a constant race to splice clones, create jobs, build buildings, check on the city’s every alert to gain more money, moe land, and to grow Utopia. The casual and quite engaging gameplay gives you a sense of satisfaction as the city grows.

Without an end goal, Pixel People might feel a little mindless at times. But hey, there are still 150 professions, buildings and collectible animals to be discovered!

Pixel People is available for free on the iTunes App Store right here.

Pixel people iOS APPQUESTS SCORE  – 3.5 / 5 ( good )


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