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Turning On Pop Up Blocker for Android

Tired of unwanted pop ups that hinder your browsing experience? If you are currently getting pop up advertisements from websites that you visit regularly, it is probably a good idea to turn on the pop up blocker for Android devices.

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What are “pop ups”?

Pop ups are these windows that open in another tab or window automatically when you link. Many websites deploy popups for their own usage. e.g. opening a video in a new tab, promotion for a event or new product by the same website. However, there are many websites who also show intrusive, pop up advertisements that are unrelated to the content that you are trying to access.

To save yourself the hassle of closing these unwanted windows, turn on the pop up blocker for Android to experience a better browsing experience!

To make use of the free built in pop up blocker for Android devices, follow the instructions after the jump.

How to block pop ups in Android

In this tutorial, we will be referring to turning on the pop up blocker found in the default Android Browser and not on third party browsers such as Chrome.

1. Press the “Apps” button found on the top right corner of the screen.

2. Open the default Android Browser.

3. Go to Settings in the Android Browser.

4. Tap on ‘Advanced’ in the menu options.

5. Locate the option labelled “Block Pop Ups”

6. Check on the box labelled “Block Pop Ups”

This will help you block all pop ups with the built in pop up blocker. However, you might still experience ads within websites that you are accessing, such as in video streaming sites. People often misunderstand these ads for pop up advertisements.