Product Technology Adoption Life Cycle

Product Technology Adoption Life Cycle

Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC) and Hype Cycle conceptualizes possible scenarios of the sustainability of your product.

New products go through the technology adoption life cycle, which illustrates the level of adoption of a new product. Innovators will adopt the product, but it may enter a chasm subsequently when adopters are disillusioned by the new product. The sustainability of a new product may depend on whether it crosses this chasm to reach into the hands of the early majority. When the early majority starts taking up the product, the hype cycle predicts a slope of enlightenment where others in the herd will thereafter be influenced or pressured to adopt the product as well. The late majority and the laggards will then start to adopt the product as well.

Companies coming up with new products should note this trend and be prepared for the chasm. A strategy needs to be in place so that the product outlives the early adopters and enters the mainstream market.

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