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Repix – Magical Photo and Picture Editing Tool for Free! iPhone, iPad

Welcome to Repix, the ultimate photo and picture editing tool for you to adding magic to your pictures a brush stroke at a time! the featured app on itunes app store right now for free.

Repix is a program with many great effects including cartoon, poster, bleach, Edger literally at your fingertips. The effects that you add to your pictures look very professional, making this photo and picture editor a very powerful one. Master it and you can put professional Photoshop artists to shame!

You begin by selecting a picture or photo  from your Camera Roll, or or Facebook photos or pictures. Next, swipe and tap to switch between the different effects located at the bottom. To apply the effects to the photos, simply use your finger to paint on where you want the effect to be applied, and watch the photo get transformed instantly! Erasing and undoing is as easy as editing and applying effects. There is also a tool to crop and adjust the picture’s brightness, saturation etc, giving you more options to work magic on your pictures. 

i made this in 15 seconds!

Repix has made it extremely simple for anyone to just pick up the app, start editing and create really great looking pictures. The developers also included additional efffects as in app purchases such as Hollywood, Vintage (Colour Brushes series, $1.99), Hatching, Van Gogh (Artistic Brushes series, $1.99), Stars , Sparkler (Spray Light Brushes series, $1.99) or you can unlock everything with the Master’s Collection at $4.99.

Without even purchasing the additional brushes, Repix stands as a very strong, easy-to-use photo and picture editing tool!. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and I believe you guys can create some great artwork with Repix!


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