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Running With Friends by Zynga- Is it like Temple Run Multiplayer?

There’s yet another mobile running game out today! This time, it is “Running With Friends”, a contender to existing running games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers. This latest effort is by Social Gaming powerhouse Zynga, as a new title in the “With Friends” series. What should we be expecting? Should we expect something like a Temple Run Multiplayer edition?


Our first impression tells us that it is a great game on its own, (with the very high bar already set by games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers), an endless running game but with social element to allow you to play against your real-life friends. We feel that the game feels less of a Temple Run multiplayer edition, but rather a Subway Surfers with friends.


Running with friends transports you to the busy streets of Pamplona, Spain where there are charging bulls, speeding cars and flying barrels, where you compete against your friends to collect stars and climb the leaderboard.

Being a fast-paced game, you might be worried whether latency will mar the gaming experience. Thankfully, Running With Friends is smooth and responsive almost all the time, which is a plus-point for mobile multiplayer games. While there is no Temple Run Multiplayer out today, Running With Friends offers a great, fast paced running game designed to be played with friends.



When the game starts, players have to try to pick up stars while hopping over obstacles, sliding under barriers and dodging items by swiping aside. While games like Temple run gets progressively faster, and Subway Surfers adds more clutter to the landscape, Running With Friends progressively adds roads with more lanes, bulls come as an angry, increasingly larger horde, and powerups get placed at very dangerous yet tempting spots.

The free version of Running With Friends is ad-supported, which might be a slight turn of for some users. Also, the store seem to have powerups that make it easy seem to ‘buy’ your way up the leaderboard, to win almost every round against your friends. However, not everyone is a fan of in-app purchases, and it is Running With Friends is still an exiting, good fun with your friends.

Running With Friends is FREE on the App Store!

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