Check Out this Silent Disco App for iPhone!

Have the need to play loud music with a large group of friends, without having to turn up the music? How about sharing music with a friend, without the need to share headphones? Enjoy music together with a small or large group of friends or even hold a silent disco at home, with a Silent Disco App for iPhone!

Silent discos are discos where people dance to music listened over wireless headphones. While the idea of it seems interesting, it requires equipment such as wireless transmitters and wireless handphones for this to work. However, you can have hold a silent disco with your friends simply with their iPhones and a Silent Disco App for iPhone. Such silent disco apps incude Mystream and Seedio.

MyStream is an iPhone to iPhone social music sharing app with allows multiple users the ability to enjoy music over headphones within a small or large group of friends. It uses its music streaming technology to allow users to wireless share music via Wifi or even Bluetooth, meaning you are good to get a silent disco going even in places such as a park or on the bus.

MyStream is currently $1.99 on the App Store, with a very healthy rating of 4.5 stars!

If you have tried MyStream already, or still keeping your silent disco app options open, you might want to give Seedio a try. Like MyStream, Seedio connects multiple iOS devices to make a perfectly in-sync music stream. With Seedio, you can choose songs from you own iTunes library or even select a song from the social video service Youtube. Seedio works over WiFi and it would be perfect for events at home, or in a dorm.

Seedio is slightly more expensive at $2.99, but with an equally healthy rating at 4 stars on the App Store.

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