Slot News: Maryland Casinos Drops Slot Machines

Slot News: Maryland Casinos Drops Slot Machines

Maryland Casinos are starting to drop slot machines from their casinos. According to Washington Post,  casinos are removing slot games to make room for table games. At the same time, they would create “gaming zones” to congregate the remaining slot machines and increase the hype and glitz within that area. While Maryland casinos have not accepted the idea, casinos in the state of Nevada are going ahead to introduce skill-based gaming experiences. There are chance elements but skills will also be rewarded with payoffs. Actions taken by both Maryland and Nevada are addressing the same issue: slot machines are not interactive enough.

These casinos are taking the tracks of online slot games. For some time now, online slot games already had skill-based elements in their slot games. Take for example World Casino: Slot Power Up, the game allows you to change the outcomes of slot reels using special powers that you gain with rubies. It allows you to re-spin, lock or swap outcomes. While the chance element is still predominant, it demands some form of player’s skills and thinking to decide where to use his powers.

It is not surprising that online slot games have been taking the lead in this area. Without having to pay the 57 to 61 percent taxes that Maryland casinos do, these virtual slot games have more resources to innovate and develop new features and innovate. That explains why slot machines are always lagging behind online slot games along the innovation road. It is about time that they embed skill-based gaming into slots.

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