Slots Tips: How To Beat The Odds At Slot Games

Do you ever feel that the odds are against you? When casinos advertise that they payout 90% of the time, what this means is that over the long run, you are expected to lose 10%. If you play in casinos, you would expect to be losing out. To play strategically, you need to know what are your odds. A player can get closer to the odds of the house if he plays the game well.



Play Games That Give You More Options


How do you find slots with the best odds? Some slot games simply provide only the option of pressing the spin button. This means that no matter what you do, you can never get higher chances as another person playing it. If you want to gain an edge, then you need to be able to have options on top of just pulling a lever that allows you to make smarter choices than someone else. In Slots Power Up, they have special features that allow you to lock a reel when you have a good combination, re-spin a reel, swap the symbols on the reels, or change them with a wild one. This increases the permutations possible and makes a huge difference in the various potential outcomes – the winnings that you get. The more options you have to choose from, the higher the number of possibilities.


Credits: Slots Power Up

Select Max Bet Or Not


Many slot games allow you to choose your bets, some let you choose the number of lines. Each increase in line increases your bet. This could increase your winning more than proportionately, especially if the jackpot is only available to max bets.






Collect the daily bonuses. Many online slot games give out bonuses periodically. Take them! Those are free coins and it’d be your loss to not take them. Those are free coins that you have the odds with you, so don’t lose out and not collect them.


After taking these steps, you would have made your odds much better than before and higher than the rest of the players who didn’t. The last and most important thing to increase your odds is this, always play online slot games rather than casino slot games if you have the choice. In my next article, Top 5 Reasons Why Online Slot Games Are Better Than Casino, I highlight that because the overhead cost is lower in online slot games, the payout is usually higher in online slot games as compared to the slots in casinos.


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