Solstice Arena Tips and Guide – Artharion, Balthazar, Bombast and Brutus

We have been spending some time with the latest mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Solstice Arena. Below, App Quests bring you exclusive Solstice Arena Tips and Guide to the first 4 available heroes, Artharion, Balthazar, Bombast and Brutus, including information such as Abilities, Type, Health and Perks/passive abilities.

solstice arena tips and guide

Artharion: Solstice Arena Tips and Guide

Characteristics: Ranged‬, Low HP. Part Caster part Fighter.

Perk: Apprehend  – Artharion’s hits deal extra damage based on opponent’s maximum HP.


Penetrating Shot

Artharion prepares and fires a powerful shot in a direction, dealing high damage to all units hit.

Fire Arrow 

Artharion fires a flaming shot at one enemy, dealing moderate damage.


Artharion dashes forward while taking no damage, increasing his movement speed and attack damage.

Balthazar: Solstice Arena Tips and Guide

Characteristics: Ranged, Low HP. Part Assassin Part Caster

Perk: Balthazar takes reduced damage from enemy skills.


To Hell and Back

Balthazar holds down a enemy target and swaps position with them. Enemy takes more damage for short amount of time.


Balthazar throws his weapon at a target, causing moderate damage while knocking them back.

Radiant Leash

Enemy hero hit by the leach takes moderate damage and reduced movement speed. At the end of the spell, the leash causes additional damage.

Bombast: Solstice Arena Tips and Guide

Characteristics: Melee, High HP. Tank.

Perk: Bombast’s armor increases momentarily when he takes damage.


Iron Cannonball

Bombast fires a cannonball in the chosen direction, causing a moderate amount of damage over time and reducing the movement speed of the first enemy target hit.


When activated, Bombast has increased movement speed and adds stun to the next attack.


Activates a shield that absorbs incoming damage.

Brutus: Solstice Arena Tips and Guide

Characteristics: Melee, Medium HP. Part Fighter Part Tank

Perk: Brutus’ basic attacks deal extra damage in the region around his selected target.


Savage Leap

Brutus leaps to the selected point, stunning all nearby enemies with high damage.

Iron Will

Max HP and Armor is increased for a short time.

Ground Slam

Brutus slams the ground, blasting them into the air with moderate damage

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