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Tetris Blitz Cascading Down With New Frenzy Mode!

We are sure you’ve played and loved the classic puzzle game, Tetris. With the current trend of timed, fast paced and booster-powered, mobile games, Electronic Arts brings a twist to the familiar game with the latest Tetris Blitz!


As its name suggests, Tetris Blitz is a quick, two-minute game of stacking blocks that are known as  Tetrominos in the right places. When Tetrominos form an entire row across the screen, the row is cleared to prevent blocks from accumulating to the top (that is when you lose).

Frenzy Mode and Tetris Blitz Cascading

What’s new to Tetris Blitz is the Frenzy mode and the concept of Tetris Blitz Cascading. When you completely fill the Frenzy bar at the top left hand side, you will enter the Frenzy mode which gives you double the point as well as Cascading Tetrominos. What is this Tetris Blitz Cascading feature, you might be wondering? When you clear a line in the Frenzy mode, what is left of the blocks will fall down to fill the rest of the empty spaces, causing the next lines to be cleared in a cascading effect. This will help you to earn more points as you clear more lines below, and it is kind of a cool effect I must say.

Tetris Blitz Power-Ups

Whats new is also the use of power-ups in the Tetris franchise. Power-ups can be purchased with in-game credits, and consists of bombs, time rewinds, and block-sucking magnets that are very useful in achieving a greater score in the short two minutes that you have.

However, each power-up costs a few grand worth of in-game credits to purchase, and can be used for only a couple of matches. Unsurprisingly Tetris Blitz is also slow and miserable in rewarding you with credits, in an unsurprising bid to make players reach into their wallets to if they want to perform better with this advantage over their Facebook friends. Electronic Arts has also introduced ‘power-ups of the week’, enticing players to purchase that very exclusive (exclusively expensive too)  power-ups to triumph over their entire social network.

Tetris Blitz is based on a freemium model, and you might see a couple of advertisements occasionally. These distractions aside, Tetris Blitz is a good upgrade over its previous Tetris game app that we featured some time back (Read it HERE), with  a more thrilling, fast-paced take on the classic game.




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