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The Room iPad game – Review and Walkthrough for iPad – AppQuests

The Room iPad isn’t exactly a new game, but it is one you should check out if you haven’t already. In fact, the iTunes 2012 Game of the Year for iPad has been downloaded over a million times after its inception. At just $0.99 on the App Store now, whats stopping you from getting into.. The Room iPad?

The Room iPad

The Room is a game for the iPad that follows the escape-the-room style of games. The opening screen is eerie, slightly haunting, It is sure to give you the chills if you are playing this at night. Try moving your finger around the screen. IT MOVES. DO YOU SEE SOMETHING behind the door? No.. Press on ‘New Game’

The next thing you know, you are in a room with a mysterious safe in the room. As you swipe to move the camera around, you will see that it is not an ordinary safe. There are instructions given, and the short tutorial does well to introduce you to the game’s wonderful mechanics. As you double tap to zoom in on an envelope and slide to pull out the letter, you will learn that your encounter with the safe is not simple. There are some dark forces and secrets inside of it that you are messing with.

The safe is laden with different locks and puzzles that you have to break. This is not only challenging, but also interactive; you slide a pot around its rotating lid to open, drag key to from your inventory keyhole, and turn key to open. While the game’s controls are intuitive, it is in no way easy for you to solve the many puzzles within puzzles. You will also have to occasionally look through a magical eye piece that you found, that reveals hidden clues. You will also find new messages left behind by the safe’s owner. Messages that are somewhat cryptic that complements the game’s dark setting.

through the magical eyepiece

Progressing through the game, you are hit with increasing complex problems that might need some thinking to get through. Thankfully, you are guided with clues which really helps from getting to the point that you are completely lost and want to abandon the game or smash your iPad.

I feel that what The Room iPad really excels in is its excellent mood and atmosphere. It is dark, immersive, and slightly haunting at times. While you might not feel like Sherlock Homles solving crime, you feel like you are right in the heart of the mystery. Its great representation is also backed with terrific graphics that would remind you of a Playstation.

A smaller-sized sibling for the iPhone is also available, under a separate name of The Room Pocket. Buy The Room iPad now at only $0.99 at this link.

APPQUESTS The Room iPad Score : 4.5 / 5  ( Excellent )


APPQUESTS WALKTHROUGH FOR THE ROOM IPAD BELOW – brought to you by theroomwalkthrough . com


– Swipe to move the camera around the safe.
– Tap twice on the the envelope on top of the safe.
– Slide finger at the opening of envelope to take letter out of the envelope.
– Take the key.
- Rotate the lid of the box and line up the keyhole.
– Drag the key from your inventory at the left to the keyhole. Turn the key to open the box.
– Take the eyepiece.
– Tap to look through the eyepiece.
– Read the riddle, “Feed me and I shall survive, Give me drink and I shall die.”

– Swipe to move camera around the safe to the solution to the riddle
– There is a symbol reading ‘fire’ on one of the legs of the safe (wood feeds fire, and water puts it out). Press on the ‘fire’ symbol
– Take the key. The key can be rotated on the top to change its shape



– Zoom in onto the safe, locate a plate that can be slided to the left to reveal a keyhole.
– Turn the head of the key to fit the shape of the keyhole. Drag the key from the inventory on the left to the keyhole. Turn the key to open.
– Obtain the metal piece.


– Zoom in onto the plate with a Talisman logo.
– Drag the metal piece to the left of the logo where the  screw is.
– Turn to loosen the screw.
– Take the lens.
– The lens will but fit into the eyepiece. Now bring up the eyepiece to reveal secret markings.


– Look around the safe again and find the other panel that hides another keyhole.
– Rotate the fire symbol key to fit in this keyhole.  Turn the key to open.


– Tap on the right icon to bring up the eyepiece to reveal secret markings on the gold plates.
– Move/rotate the gold plates the markings fit together to open the safe.

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