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The Silent Age Walkthrough and Review

APPQUESTS The Silent Age Walkthrough Cheats Guide and Tips here, complete with our thoughts and review of the game!

The Silent Age is a story set in 1972, of an average ‘Joe’ with a wearisome life who one day receives a portable time machine from a mysterious dying man from the future. Joe gets sent through time to a disarrayed 2011, where he learns the fate of mankind. The future of humanity now lies in the hands of our accidental hero, as he finds out what happened and tries to prevent it to save mankind.

The Silent Age’s artwork is simple, at times gloomy and melancholic, but very well used. The levels appear simplistic but just enough to have you understand what to do next, while bringing you down into the mood of the situation – you seemingly feel as though you are there with Joe. Levels are designed with a surprising amount of empty space, few details which creates a for rather simple exploration. At times even when the screen look filled, it still feels sort of empty, just like Joe’s emotions. We do mean this in a bad way, but it has certainly done a great job in making me feel the gloom of Joe’s life story.

The Silent Age: Episode One, is the first installment of a bigger series (duh). It is completely free, developed by a group of people who in this project for passion and not money. Episode Two is currently in the works, with the storyline and puzzles already written.

We think that The Silent Age is a really great game, one of those releases that imparts an experience and adventure that is to be remembered. Check it out here at this link!




Are you stuck playing The Silent Age game for iPhone iPad on iOS and looking for a guide on how to pass, how to beat or how to complete the Silent Age? Appquests is bringing you a solution, walkthrough, cheats, clues, tips to help you complete the level. The Silent Age walkthrough help is shown below.

The Silent Age Walkthrough Level 1

The Silent Age Walkthrough Level 2

The Silent Age Walkthrough Level 3

The Silent Age Walkthrough Level 4

The Silent Age Walkthrough Level 5

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