Top 4 Most Happening Casinos In The World 2015

What are the most popular casinos on the map? In this article, we’d travel around the globe and peek at the top 4 casinos across the globe.

Las Vegas Strip

What is “The Strip”? You might have heard of people saying that they were heading to “The Strip” to win some money, and they are referring to the strip of casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the strip is known for the road between sahara avenue and russell road, it generally refers to the concentration of casinos where the night never ends in the city that never sleeps.


Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo is an area in Monaco where the famous Monte Carlo Casino is. The gambling and entertainment complex is not to be confused with Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, which is a casino in Las Vegas. A famous example of the gambler’s fallacy occured in a game of roulette in the Monte Carlo Casino, where the ball fell into the black 26 times in a row. Gamblers’ betted and lost with the idea that the red must “balance” the black, reinforcing the probability theory that each round is independent.



Macau is the only other special administrative region of China, aside from Hong Kong. A region with its own currency, Macau has since the 1850s been known as “Monte Carlo of the Orient”. One of the major casino operators, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, termed the strip of hotel-casinos that it has built in the Cotai section of Macau as the “Cotai Strip”. The popular oriental region, where James Bond’s Skyfall was filmed, houses a whopping 33 casinos.


Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Singapore

The only two resorts that are legally licensed to operate casinos – the first operated by Las Vegas Sands and is the world’s second most expensive building. Marina Bay Sands is a resort located in the prime area of the cosmopolitan city, featuring 3 towers of 55-storey towers topped with a sky park that offers 360-degree view of Singapore’s skyline. The second is Resort World Singapore, an integrated resort operated by Genting in the Sentosa island and the third most expensive casino in the world, right after Marina Bay Sands Singapore.


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