Top 5 IRC Apps For iPhone

Here are some of the top 5 IRC Apps for iPhone, that we think are the best on the App Store. These IRC Apps would be an excellent tool to help you stay connected and participate in fun conversations with other chatroom users on the go. Simply connected to an existing IRC server and channel, to be able to chat with the hundreds of thousands of IRC users out in the world. Although IRC came out in 1988, it is in no way considered extinct. Undeniably, IRC has faced a significant drop in the number of users and channels since the introduction of new social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, but there is still a strong user base in the hundreds of thousands around the world. In our modern age of smartphones, it would be more convenient to contact a friend through instant messaging, but what is lacking is the ability to come together with strangers to freely participate in casual conversations. Try out these IRC Apps for iPhone, to see which offers the best features and interface for you to relive the days of IRC.

Top 5 IRC Apps for iPhone

1. Palaver

irc apps for iphone

Palaver is probably our top IRC app for iPhone. It has a simple and reliable interface, making your IRC experience enjoyable and worry-free. Many IRC Apps for iPhone have the problem of not being able to sync correctly and consistently with the various IRC servers, but Palaver messaging is instant and lightning quick. In addition, it has features such as various themes to choose from, push notifications and even alerts and vibrations.

$2.99 on the App Store

2. Mango Lite

irc apps for iphone


Mango Lite is free, and features multiple channels in different tabs. However, it seems to have issues with connecting with servers every now and then. Also, the upgrade to the full version only grants the additional feature of landscape mode.

FREE on the App Store

3. LimeChat

irc apps for iphone

Limechat makes setting up IRC on your iPhone a breeze, and you can start talking to other users in a matter of minutes. However, the price is a little steep at $4.99, especially when it does not have any special features such background alerts, auto-joining or file transfer

$4.99 on the App Store

4. Colloquy

irc apps for iphone

Colloquy is  great IRC app that supports multitasking, alerts and even a built-in browser for you to open quick links in chat conversations. The latest update also seems to have fixed some of the connection issues that were in the previous version. Our second favorite IRC app for iPhone.

$1.99 on the App Store

5. IRC999

irc apps for iphone

IRC999 is free and works just like how you’d expect it too. IRC999 connects smoothly and sends messages instantly to the IRC chatroom that you are in. However, IRC999 might be quite tricky to set up to start at the beginning, which is the only downside to this app.

FREE on the App Store

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