iOS Utility: Bamboo Paper – Paper on glass

So I purchased this app some time back because I thought this app would be really useful for school (I hated bringing in notepads and papers). Now, I had a choice of choosing between Bamboo Paper and Paper by FiftyThree. The latter is of course rated App of the Year 2012 by AppStore. It has an excellent graphical layout, the kind of design that threads in between fine calligraphy and efficient utility, just all the right ingredients to make you want to write.

But here is the catch, there’s only a single pen available on it and its dimensions are minuscular. To purchase another pen, which probably will give you a nicer, bolder ink costs about 2 dollars each. On Bamboo, you get a wide array of pens but only 1 notebook. Pay 2 dollars and you’ll get an additional 20.

Other than that, it provides a clean and effective interface. Swipe or tap the Downwards arrow to scroll through the pages. Pinch to zoom in and out. Tap on a single button to  wipe the page clean. It’s a breeze to use.

Now the real reason why it stands out is because of the smooth user experience. From the moment you touch the screen (assuming that your screen is clean or not broken), the ink will hit the screen. There is minimal lag time to see what you have written. In certain Android and iOS apps, this delay time may cause a significant problem. The lag disrupts your creative energy and chain of thoughts, because you’ll have to consistently think if you actually wrote something or your finger didn’t hit the screen hard enough.

Overall, I think this is a beautifully down app, I’ve been using it for over half a year now and am still loving every bit of it. Give it a try and hopefully you’ll double your productivity using Bamboo Paper.

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