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What is Diamond Dash? Diamond Dash Facebook Game Review

With over 46 million monthly active players, Wooga’s Diamond Dash is one of the most popular games on Facebook today. What is Diamond Dash? Lets find out now!

Diamond Dash is a puzzle game with a  match-3 gameplay, likewise to that employed by other games such as Bejeweled Blitz. You begin with a big block of coloured diamonds and are only given 60 seconds to clear blocks off the screen, to earn as many points as possible.  Instead of having to swap diamonds around, you are to click on diamonds that are grouped or lined together in at least to clear them, and the rest of the diamonds will collapse to fill the space, while adding more diamonds back into the play area.

As you play, you will level-up and unlock powerups such as explosive blocks, and flaming diamonds. The flaming diamond for example, called the magic fire power-up, will detonate to clear neighboring matches when you press on it. It is fast paced and requires focus to carefully spot matches. There is no penalty for clicking on diamonds that do not have a match, and this makes the game a serious clicking frenzy. 

Diamond Dash plays like what it looks to be – fun, addictive and most of all competitive – being able to see your friends’ score on the leaderboard gives a nagging feeling that you have to play again and again to better their scores. 

Diamond Dash for iOS


To play Diamond Dash on Facebook, you can click here at this LINK, to start challenging for the top spot on the leaderboard today!

Alternatively, there is also an iOS version of the game that has been downloaded by over a whooping 11 million users! Get Diamond Dash for iOS right here.





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