Why Slot Machines Are Taking Over Casinos Of MGM, LVS and SJM

In the biggest casinos of MGM Resorts, Las Vegas Sands and SJM Holdings, slot machines have surpassed table games like blackjack or poker to be the most popular game in the casino. There are strong reasons why this happens from both players and casinos.

For Players:

The jackpot is bigger. With blackjack if you put a dollar, you are probably going to get another dollar if you win. With slots on the other hand, a dollar can land you a million bucks or more with the jackpot. There is something called progressive slots, which means that slot machines are linked together to a pool of jackpot so any of the machines have access to that pool. This means a larger pool of jackpot.

For Casinos:

Casinos get a bigger and more certain slice of the winnings. With slot machines, the probability of winnings are programmed and the commissions from each game are more certain than table games like poker. In games like poker where players compete with each other, casinos only get a small commission. On the other hand, while slot machines offer a large jackpot, they also offer casinos a better commission from each game.

It is thus not surprising that slot machines are reigning over other casino games. For players who are more savvy, here are some tips to beat the odds.

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