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Help WWE Star The Rock Solve the Mystery on his Movie Set!

It is a typical day in Hollywood until something terrible happens. The Rock,  a.k.a Dwayne Johnson, is filming his latest movie until everyone around him gets infected by an unknown virus that transformed everyone into angry, violent thugs. But as you know, there is nothing that The Rock couldn’t handle.

The Rock has to investigate and figure the source of the problem, but he is met with these film crew and stuntmen that wants to pick a fight. As you enter a battle, you swipe across the screen to execute a punch in that direction, swipe up for an uppercut, and swipe down to kick the enemy. While these angry people also try to throw punches and kicks at you, The Rock can dodge and parry the opponent’s attack to avoid being hit. When you see indicators appear on the screen, quickly tap on all of them to watch WWE’s The Rock execute his signature moves.

The Rock has to go through progressively difficult stages to finally uncover the mystery. Before every fight, There are also secrets and hidden clues strewn around the area for you to pick up. Make the former WWE star more powerful than ever by upgrading his stamina, attack, and slam stats, and purchase weapons and clothes as you clear through the levels.

The best part of the game has got to be The Rock’s signature commentary that we all miss. As you engage with an angry crew member, The Rock will taunt and mock the enemy with his hilarious, signature lines such as “Just bring it!” and “Finally…The Rock…has come back to (whatever city he’s in at the time)”.

If you are a fan of The Rock or WWE, you must not miss “WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse”. Download it now for free on the App Store!


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