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YouTube Audio Quality and Bitrate at Different Resolution Settings

As you might have noticed, YouTube allows you to select different video resolutions when you click on the settings button. They are 240p, 360p, 480p,720p, and 1080p as the highest possible video resolution at this point of time. When you select a higher video resolution, you might notice that not only does the video become sharper, the audio quality is also improved with the visuals. In this post, we are going to share with us you more information about the different YouTube Audio Quality that you can achieve.



As Youtube introduces higher video resolutions over time, they also try to improve the audio quality that users receive. This comes very useful to users who use YouTube as a source of mp3 or music files, through the many YouTube audio downloaders available on the internet. An audio file from YouTube would typically be very low in quality, but as YouTube introduces high quality audio, you can similarly download great sounding tracks off the videos.

Default Audio Quality

When you open a YouTube video for the first time, the default video resolution is probably set at 360p. The audio quality designated at this setting is actually at a bit rate of 128 kbps, using the AAC file format.

List of Audio Quality Settings

How about audio at the other video resolution settings you might wonder? The following is a list of YouTube video resolutions matched to its corresponding audio qualities.

1080p   –    192 kbps AAC
720p   –    192 kbps AAC
480p   –    128 kbps AAC
360p   –    128 kbps AAC
240p   –    64 kbps MP3

The above list is for videos that after uploaded after July 2012. Before July 2012, audio bitrate is capped at 142 kbps AAC for resolutions 720p and higher. We can see that the good guys at YouTube are trying to increase the audio quality for is viewers over time. That is something we can all certainly enjoy.

Downloading YouTube videos as MP3 Files

Though not exactly legal, it is possible to download audio files from YouTube files at the moment. we found that the website Vid to Mp3 works well in downloading YouTube videos at 192kbps. See it here at this link.

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